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How to Find Addiction Treatment in Hollywood, FL

How to Find Addiction Treatment in Hollywood, FL

How to Find Addiction Treatment in Hollywood, FL

If you have decided to get addiction treatment in Hollywood, Florida, it can be challenging to know which rehab center is best or which type of therapy might work for you, especially if you have struggled with relapse. Thankfully, there are lots of treatments out there, and you can find drug rehab programs that best fit your needs.

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What Types of Therapy Are Available in Hollywood, FL?

No matter where you seek treatment, you can find a wide range of therapy in Hollywood, categorized as individual or group therapy, classes, and programs that you can complete during your stay at a Hollywood rehab center and as part of your aftercare.

Residential addiction treatment in Hollywood

The most successful form of therapy involves a residential rehab center in Hollywood, where you can live full-time and complete an entire day of different therapies.

Addiction and mental health problems don’t affect the individual in isolation. They affect everyone around that individual, including close friends and family. That is why family therapy can be an effective way to involve your family in your recovery process.

Group therapy is essential to any drug rehab in Hollywood because it helps you recognize that you aren’t suffering in isolation, that other people have similar experiences, and that you can be honest about your feelings. 

A trauma therapy program is one type of therapy you might use for addiction treatment in Hollywood, Florida. Trauma therapy programs can help you overcome triggers for a wide range of traumas like:

  1. Military combat
  2. Abuse
  3. Surviving natural disasters
  4. Terrorist attacks
  5. Life-threatening illness or injuries
  6. Secondary trauma as a witness

Trauma therapy can help you learn coping skills to deal with symptoms of things like PTSD without breaking down and then incorporate different thoughts and feelings into the memories you have of your traumatic situations. 

Dual Diagnosis drug rehab in Hollywood

Similarly, a good Hollywood rehab center will offer Florida dual diagnosis programs where you can combine therapies for addiction and mental health disorders concurrently.

Our cognitive behavioral therapy program in Florida is one of the most common forms of treatment for addiction and mental health disorders. A cognitive behavioral therapy program helps you identify thought patterns that might lead to harmful behaviors and change them. 

At a good South Florida rehab center, you can incorporate full-time cognitive behavioral therapy through a residential program where you get individualized care and ongoing aftercare opportunities.

Dialectical behavior therapy can be used to treat addiction and mental health disorders. It is a unique subset of cognitive behavioral therapy for things like Borderline Personality Disorder. With dialectical behavioral therapy, you get to:

  1. Learn how to regulate your emotions, 
  2. Improve your life skills, 
  3. Work through your motivations for improvement, 
  4. Restructure your focus on positive behaviors.

Aftercare addiction treatment in Hollywood, Florida

The therapy you receive during drug rehab in Hollywood shouldn’t end the day you complete your program but should continue in the form of an aftercare program.

Twelve-step programs are an essential component of a residential or dual diagnosis treatment program, but they are also an integral part of your ongoing aftercare. Once you leave drug rehab in Hollywood, you should continue meeting with local 12-step programs. If you prefer, you can find 12-step programs for alcoholism, drug addiction, and non-religious versions.

What to Look For in a Hollywood Rehab Center

The most important thing to look for in a Hollywood Rehab Center is the type of program they offer. Residential or Inpatient Rehab programs have been proven to be most effective in reducing the risk of a relapse. 

Next, you want to examine the therapies and treatment types offered. You don’t want a rehab facility where the available therapies don’t fit your situation. You want a facility with the right amenities, specialties, and therapy programs to feel safe and secure in your recovery. 

How to Find Comprehensive Addiction Treatment in Hollywood, FL

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, you can get treatment in Hollywood from a reliable drug rehab center like Atlantic Recovery. Our facility offers a wide range of rehab programs and a handful of different therapies. We work with you to discover which combination might be most successful for your situation. 

For example, if you have tried to get clean before with a quick and easy outpatient program, but you failed, our facility can help you get a better foothold in your recovery with a residential program where you can step away from the triggers and the temptations in your everyday life.

We don’t leave you on your own once you finish the program; We work with you to provide ongoing support as you continue along your path to recovery. Contact Atlantic Recovery at 1-866-824-5193 to see how we can help today.

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