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Couples Drug Rehab Program

If you are looking for a couples drug rehab in Florida, Reign Residential Treatment Center can help.

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Drug Addiction & Couples

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Most of us are aware of the impact that addiction has on an individual, but what about people who are in a relationship? Couples struggling with addiction are way more common than most folks may realize. This is due to a problem that comes up with many couples, known as codependency. Codependency is a serious problem that can prolong an addiction and keep someone from getting the help they need while hurting both parties in the relationship without them realizing it. If you know someone struggling with an addiction or in a relationship with someone who has an addiction, you must help them realize their problem and get help before it is too late.

Much like it can be hard to get a person with an addiction to realize they have a problem and get help, the same is true in a codependent relationship. Once both parties are dependent on each other in that way, it creates a vicious cycle that is difficult to overcome. But the more you know about codependency and its impact on a relationship and addiction, the easier it is to realize and get someone’s help. These types of relationships are so common that the way to fix it is to find South Florida couples addiction treatment. 

At Reign Recovery Center, not only are we the place for top-rated drug and alcohol treatment in Davie, FL, but we have programs designed to help couples struggling with codependency to get their life on track and get free of addiction and the need to enable one another. 

How Addiction Impacts codependency

What Is Codependency?

Codependency is a common occurrence in relationships, particularly those where one person has an addiction. This type of relationship occurs when one party in the relationship forgoes their own wants and needs to take care of another. This is also sometimes called relationship addiction.

 Each party in the relationship is dependent on the other, hence the term codependency, but in the case of one person, they continue to meet the needs of the dependent partner in neglect of themselves. Essentially they need to be needed, even if it harms them. This is why it is sometimes referred to as relationship addiction because some experts define addiction as continuing a behavior despite the fact that it is harmful to them.  

In the case of a couple where one person is addicted, the other partner ends up enabling them as part of their codependent behavior. Because the addicted person cannot do for themselves, including basic needs like feeding and clothing themselves, they become fully dependent on their partner for basic necessities. In turn, the partner needs to feel needed. This will make them do things such as lie for their addicted partner, cover up their drug use or even acquire drugs for them and generally resist getting them help. 

Codependency runs so deep that if both partners do not get help, it can be impossible to break the cycle and the addiction. Codependency treatment is an important part of the process for couples and can make a difference for both parties in terms of returning to a normal life and building a healthy relationship. The right South Florida couples drug rehab will be able to address each couple’s unique problems and work with them to develop the skills and emotional well-being they need to overcome these issues. Visit us today at Reign Recovery Center if you know someone struggling with codependency. 

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How Do I Get My Loved Ones To Get Help?

Whether you’re in a relationship with an addict and have become codependent or you’re simply witnessing it from the outside, the hardest part can be getting your loved ones to seek the help they need. For both parties in a relationship, they may be in denial or not realizing that they have a problem. This is when an intervention may be the best solution. 

By hosting an intervention, you gather together the friends of loved ones of the couple and have them discuss the harm their addiction and codependency are causing. This is done in a safe and secure environment and with positive reinforcement so that both parties realize that they are harming not just themselves but those around them as well. 

If you’re unsure of how to hold an intervention or just need a little extra help, there are professional interventionists and counselors who can help put the intervention together, host it, and recommend the first steps to getting treatment. 

Couples drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida is the safest and most effective way to overcome a codependent relationship. By going to rehab as a couple and getting specialized treatment for codependency, it is possible to not only break the drug addiction, but also address the mental health, behavioral, and self-esteem issues that have led to codependency.

How Does Treatment Help Men

What Should I Look For In A Treatment Facility

Finding the right drug rehab center is the most important step when you decide to get help for your addiction and codependency issues. 

First, make sure the South Florida couples drug rehab center you choose has programs for codependency and drug addiction. Without the right treatment program, it won’t matter if you go to rehab. There are certain issues that need to be addressed, and it takes specialized treatment to do so. 

You also want to make sure that the care you receive is personalized. Personalized care means that it is tailored to your needs. Each relationship and addiction is different, and people deserve one-on-one care and attention to deal with their unique issues. 

Lastly, your issues do not stop once treatment ends, so you want to make sure the rehab facility provides follow-up care and support so that, as a couple, you can continue the journey to get sober and develop a healthy relationship that is free of dependency and builds on positive feelings and behaviors. Reign Recovery Center offers all this to you and more when you’re ready to get help. 

Stories of Hope

"From my first phone call to the admissions team to meeting the staff- it truly helped with this process. I trusted them with my loved one and I’m so glad we choose this facility! Morgan really went above and beyond for my family!"
Cassandra C.

Stories of Hope

"changed my life. I want to thank the wonderful staff for being amazing during this difficult journey. I highly recommend this facility for anyone struggling with addiction or has a loved one struggling with addiction. You don’t have to fight this alone."
Robert G.

Stories of Hope

"ARC helped me to recover from drugs. I learned how to live a better life.Thank you for being my new family."
Trisha B.

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