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Percocet Addiction

Find out why our percocet rehab center in Florida is your best choice in treatment.

Percocet Rehab Center in Florida

Our Percocet Addiction Treatment Program

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Prescription opioids have contributed to a significant health crisis in America, and Percocet is among them. If you or someone you love is struggling with signs of addiction or substance abuse, you can find a drug rehab center in South Florida customized to your needs and designed around a schedule that works best for you.

With Reign Residential Treatment, our Percocet rehab center in South Florida gives you a place for substance abuse and mental health treatment. 

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the statistics

Percocet Abuse Statistics

The CDC indicates that 44 people die from opioid overdoses every day, and many of those involve Percocet. 

Of course, not all surveys can accurately get responses from people who are struggling with addiction. In 2011, Percocet products were responsible for the highest number of emergency room visits. Opioid abuse costs over $70 million in health care costs.

RRTC is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab center in Davie, FL. Contact Reign Residential Treatment Center at (866) 828-1248 to tour our Percocet rehab center in South Florida. 

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What Is Percocet?

Percocet is a combination of acetaminophen and Oxycodone. Percocet is one of many drugs that fall under the category of an opioid. Opioids bring with them a high risk of addiction because of the way they interact with the brain.

Oxycodone stops pain signals that would otherwise travel from your nerves to your brain. So, while you might be in pain if you take Oxycodone, it prevents your body from registering that painting. When combined with acetaminophen in the form of Percocet, these effects are heightened but so are the risks of abuse. For this reason, it’s often prescribed after things like surgery.

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How Are Percocets Used?

Percocet can be prescribed in a tablet taken according to doctor recommendations or a liquid solution. Liquid Percocet takes longer to take effect, so you don’t necessarily feel the pain relief for about an hour. No matter how it’s consumed, it disrupts connections between your pain signals and your brain. 

If you need help, Reign Residential Center is here. Call our Percocet rehab center in South Florida today at (866) 828-1248.

the side effects

What Are The Side Effects Of Percocet Use?

Percocet comes with a lot of potential side effects. Oxycodone can cause serious cardiovascular problems, and too much acetaminophen can damage your liver.

Regular Percocet use and abuse can lead to other negative side effects, including the following:

If you struggle with an addiction, Percocet withdrawal brings painful symptoms like insomnia, fever, dysphoria, watery eyes, runny nose, diarrhea, tremors, and excessive sweating.

Reign Residential Treatment Center is a dual diagnosis treatment center in South Florida. Contact us today to learn more.

Stories of Hope

"From my first phone call to the admissions team to meeting the staff- it truly helped with this process. I trusted them with my loved one and I’m so glad we choose this facility! Morgan really went above and beyond for my family!"
Cassandra C.

Stories of Hope

"changed my life. I want to thank the wonderful staff for being amazing during this difficult journey. I highly recommend this facility for anyone struggling with addiction or has a loved one struggling with addiction. You don’t have to fight this alone."
Robert G.

Stories of Hope

"ARC helped me to recover from drugs. I learned how to live a better life.Thank you for being my new family."
Trisha B.

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Are Percocets Addictive?

You might not realize that you need a Percocet drug treatment in South Florida if you don’t appreciate just how addictive Percocet can be. Many risk factors can increase the likelihood that you get addicted and need a substance abuse treatment center, including the following:

Women are at a higher risk than men for Percocet abuse. If you are a woman with a family history of substance abuse and a current prescription, you are more likely to need treatment than a man with no current prescription and no family history of addiction.  Whether you have one or more of these risk factors, Reign Residential Treatment Center provides the best Percocet treatment in South Florida.

the symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Percocet Addiction?

Many behavioral symptoms of a Percocet addiction indicate the need for South Florida Percocet rehab. As is the case with any type of substance abuse, it’s common to see someone withdraw socially, take Percocet in larger doses, or, more often than necessary, get into trouble with the law or with work, or struggle financially.

Percocet Use

You might follow your doctor’s orders directly if you have a legitimate prescription. But if you struggle with an addiction, you might try to borrow or steal Percocet from others. Even if you know it’s not good for you and causing you harm, it’s not uncommon to continue despite those negative effects.

health insurance can pay for rehab

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Your health insurance can help cover up to 100% of the costs associated with treatment at Reign Residential Treatment Center. Find out your personal options for treatment with a free insurance verification right now.