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Psychotic Disorders

ReignRTC and the Comprehension of Psychotic Disorders

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ReignRTC is an organization that is concerned about the mental health professional well-being of people who fall victim to psychotic disorders. We understand the distress that these disorders may bring about, not only for the victim being treated for psychosis but for their families, too, and for this reason, we offer a variety of services to support and help them. This section will consider what psychotic disorders are, the symptoms they may lead to, the possible causes of psychosis, other psychotic disorders themselves, and other effective treatments that ReignRTC offers in support of restoring stability and the quality of life of these people with psychotic illnesses.

Psychotic Disorders and Their Treatment

Psychotic Disorders and Their Treatment

Psychotic disorders are a set of severe mental health disorders that affect the mind. The person who has psychosis has thoughts and feelings that indicate a loss of contact with reality. Treatment for psychotic disorders can include schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder, brief psychotic disorder, and other psychotic disorders.

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Symptoms of Psychotic Disorders

The symptoms of psychotic disorders and adverse effects of other medications can vary. Still, generally, psychotic episodes will include one or more of the psychotic symptoms of the following medical conditions:


Sensing absent things, such as auditory hallucinations, such as hearing voices or seeing things others do not see.


Holding solid, false beliefs not supported by logic or evidence, such as thinking one has extraordinary powers or is being persecuted.

Disorganized Thinking

Thoughts are fragmented or disconnected, leading to incoherent speech.

Abnormal Motor Behavior

This can manifest as childlike silliness, unpredictable agitation, or catatonia.

Negative Symptoms

These include emotional flatness or lack of function, such as an inability to start or follow through with activities or a lack of speech even when forced to interact.

Stories of Hope

"From my first phone call to the admissions team to meeting the staff- it truly helped with this process. I trusted them with my loved one and I’m so glad we choose this facility! Morgan really went above and beyond for my family!"
Cassandra C.

Stories of Hope

"changed my life. I want to thank the wonderful staff for being amazing during this difficult journey. I highly recommend this facility for anyone struggling with addiction or has a loved one struggling with addiction. You don’t have to fight this alone."
Robert G.

Stories of Hope

"ARC helped me to recover from drugs. I learned how to live a better life.Thank you for being my new family."
Trisha B.

The Need for Immediate Intervention

The Need for Immediate Intervention

Immediate crisis intervention addresses safety concerns and is the foundation of successful long-term treatment. Quick and effective suicidal crisis intervention can prevent the situation or person from deteriorating. It will result in a lesser need for more intrusive treatment interventions and more resources to assist the individual during treatment and recovery.

Crisis Intervention Treatment

ReignRTC's Crisis Intervention Services

At ReignRTC, we offer an integrated treatment approach for Crisis Intervention and help address individual needs. Our treatment options, alternative treatments, and plans may include:

Emergency Assessment Services
We provide free rapid mental health services and emergency assessments to determine a person’s status and the required level of care—immediate hospitalization, residential treatment, or outpatient services.
Immediate Crisis Intervention
Involves face-to-face therapeutic intervention and support to acute crisis patients. Immediate crisis line and emergency assistance are needed to get immediate help to de-escalate the situation, address immediate safety issues, and plan next-step treatment.
Mobile Crisis Teams
We can send our mobile crisis teams immediately to the situation to provide immediate, accessible, confidential, and onsite support for the individual in domestic violence situations where transportation to a facility is not possible or safe.
Safety and Recovery Planning
Following the crisis, our team will work with individuals and their families to tailor a recovery plan to address family members’ long-term safety and well-being by connecting them with other ongoing support services, referrals, and additional resources.
Vitamin D
Some studies suggest a Vitamin D supplement might help improve mood.

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Causes and Risk Factors

The exact cause of psychotic disorders is not known to this day, but the combination of genetics, brain chemistry, environment, and life experience appears to contribute to psychotic episodes. Risk Factors for personality disorders can be:


The presence of a family history of psychotic disorders increases susceptibility.

Brain chemistry and structure

Abnormalities in the brain’s structure or levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine are factors that might contribute.

Trauma: Early life trauma such as physical or other sexual assault, abuse, neglect, or the loss of a parent during early life can increase susceptibility.

Drug use

The use of drugs such as marijuana, LSD, or amphetamines can precipitate the symptoms of a psychotic disorder in the susceptible.

Treatment Options at ReignRTC

Medication Management

Medications to treat psychosis, primarily antipsychotics, are the cornerstone and significant portion of the treatment for psychotic disorders. These antipsychotic medications can significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms of early psychosis and are often needed long-term to manage an episode of psychosis and prevent relapse of the psychotic disorders treatment of these episodes.


Individual therapy can be used to manage psychosis, correct bizarre thoughts and psychotic symptoms, teach skills for coping with stress, and identify early warning signs and other symptoms of relapse prescription medications that involve psychosis to reduce psychosis symptoms. Group therapy can also help build social skills and reinforce medication management.

Family Therapy

We involve families in therapy sessions to educate them about psychotic disorders and involve family members around them actively in the recovery process to treat people with psychosis. This support system is vital to treatment for people with psychosis and can improve outcomes significantly.

Integrated Care for Co-occurring Conditions

Many individuals with psychotic disorders also have co-occurring mental illness conditions such as depression or anxiety disorders. We offer integrated treatment plans to address all aspects of an individual’s mental health.

Rehabilitation and Skill Building

ReignRTC offers rehabilitation services aimed at social and vocational training to help individuals with psychotic disorders live more independently.

Follow-up and Long-term Monitoring

Successful long-term treatment of medical conditions entails long-term monitoring and support for medical conditions, which ReignRTC ensures with regular follow-up appointments and 24/7 emergency care availability.

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How to Access Our Services

If you or someone you know is exhibiting symptoms and signs of psychosis or a psychotic disorder, early intervention and proper and appropriate treatment are very important. Contact ReignRTC for more information on symptoms of psychosis, treatment, and our diagnostic and treatment services. In a very confidential setting, we provide a safe place where you can speak about your concerns and start on the road to recovery.

Commitment to Learning and Consciousness

ReignRTC offers treatment services and healthcare professionals, yet is dedicated to providing education and creating awareness of psychotic disorders and early psychosis through community outreach and education. By dispelling myths, reducing stigma around bipolar disorder early, and treating psychosis well, we aspire to create a more informed and supportive community.

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You are not alone on this journey to recovery from psychosis treated a psychotic disorder, as ReignRTC stands with you at its core, armed with experienced and caring mental health professionals. More details about the services provided or booking an appointment are on our contact page or even by calling. Alongside the struggle to experience psychosis and the side effects of psychotic disorders, we conquer stability, mental health professionals, mental health conditions, and a fulfilling life.

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