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Common Myths About Drug Addiction

Common Myths About Drug Addiction

For many people who struggle with drug addiction, they feel they are fighting a losing battle. Despite the feelings of hopelessness and despair a person feels, addiction is a treatable condition. With the advances in drug treatment and understanding of addiction as a disease, addicts can get the professional help they need to overcome substance abuse and lead healthy lives. Despite the advances in the addiction treatment industry, it is estimated that only 1 in 10 addicts will actually seek treatment.


There are several reasons why addicts are hesitant or even refuse drug treatment. One of the most common reasons are the continuing myths about drug addiction. This article will explain how myths about addiction create obstacles for those who seek drug treatment. We will also discuss the common myths about drug addiction and the truths that dispel those myths. If you or a loved one are in need of treatment, call the experienced treatment professionals at Atlantic Recovery today for comprehensive drug treatment in South Florida.


How Myths About Addiction are a Detriment to Recovery

If you are struggling with drug addiction, you know that the programs, services, and experienced treatment staff at a drug rehab can help you overcome your substance abuse. While you know you desperately need help, you are more than likely hesitant to commit to entering a treatment program. While there are many reasons you are apprehensive about seeking treatment, the continuing myths about drug addiction are perhaps the most common.


While there is a solid and growing body of work that shows that addiction is a disease, there are many that still feel that addiction is a moral and spiritual failing. Many people are of the opinion that addicts are “broken” people that live on the margins and beyond help. While some of these viewpoints may have some basis in truth, many are half-truths and misinformation. These myths help continue the stigma that surrounds addicts and addiction.


Common Myths About Drug Addiction

You are no doubt hearing a lot about what addiction “is” from family, friends, the community, the media, and social media. The overall picture that is painted about addiction isn’t very pretty. These myths about drug addiction are definite obstacles that lie between you and recovery. While these addiction myths can be pervasive, they don’t tell the complete story. The following are several common myths about addiction and the truth behind each myth:

Addiction Only Affects Certain People

One of the most common myths about addiction is that it only affects certain people. When people think about addicts, they come from bad neighborhoods, are always in trouble with the law, or live on the streets. While media portrayals of addicts and addiction play a significant role in the formation of this myth, the truth is that addiction does not discriminate. It is estimated that 23 million Americans suffer from addiction—and they come from all walks of life. People of all ages, races, gender, socioeconomic background, religious background, geographic location, and education experience substance abuse.

Addicts Need to Hit “Rock Bottom” Before Getting Help

Another common (and dangerous) myth about addiction is that addicts need to hit rock bottom to seek professional help. The truth is that myths about addiction and related stigma prevent many from treatment—no matter how severe their addiction. Also, there are people who can die from their addiction before they even reach “the bottom.”

Drug Treatment is Too Expensive

Another one of the most common myths about drug addiction is the considerable cost of drug rehab. The particular myth does have some legs to it in the fact that treatment can be VERY expensive. While treatment can be a costly endeavor, there are multiple ways to reduce the cost of treatment. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many insurance companies are required to fully or partially cover substance abuse treatment services. In the event that a portion of treatment isn’t covered or if you’re underinsured or not insured, rehabs can assist in a variety of ways. Options for payment can include sliding fee scales, scholarships, or even grants.

Relapse Equals Failure

If you are looking at entering treatment, you may have heard that if you relapse after completing a program, you have failed, and there is little hope of recovery. While a relapse is certainly disconcerting, it actually is a normal part of the recovery process. NIDA estimated that 40 to 60 percent of those in recovery would relapse after treatment. You must remember that addiction is a disease, and there is always a possibility that you may relapse after an extended period of sobriety.


How to Find Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Near Me

Making the decision to undergo a drug treatment program is a tough yet necessary decision. Despite what some people say, drug addiction is a very treatable condition. With all the treatment options available to you, you may feel overwhelmed in trying to choose the right program for you. Fortunately, the help you need is just a phone call away.

Atlantic Recovery is a premier South Florida rehab center. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals will work with you in designing a treatment program that fits your unique needs. No matter the severity of your addiction, Atlantic Recovery will give you the tools and support you need to succeed. Call us today and start on the path to recovery with our South Florida inpatient addiction treatment programs.

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