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How to Find Resources For Families of Alcoholics

How to Find Resources For Families of Alcoholics

Family Resources For Alcohol Addiction

When one family member struggles with alcohol addiction, the whole family suffers. Addiction is a disease that affects everyone in the household, whether they realize it or not.  This is why it’s so important to have access to resources for families of alcoholics.

ARC is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab center in Davie, Florida. Check out these resources for families of alcoholics and see how families can benefit from group therapy in Florida!

How Does Alcoholism Impact a Family?

Alcoholism takes a toll on an entire family and can cause guilt, anger, and grief for the individuals involved. 

Substance abuse can also lead to financial problems, social stigma, and relationship breakdowns. 

Alcoholism can be complicated for family members to accept, resulting in denial and resentment instead of understanding or loving support. 

The conflict between family members can be frequent, and communication can be strained. These effects on a family can last well into adulthood.

Are There Resources for Families of Alcoholics?

There are many resources for families of addicts in Florida. 

For instance, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence also has affiliate offices in different parts of Florida that offer education and referrals.

In addition, families can find support by connecting with:

AA offers group and family therapy sessions, as well as support groups for family members. 

These sessions focus on providing a safe place to share feelings, understand the addiction, and find ways to cope.

Another resource available for families of alcoholics is Alateen

This program provides a safe space for teens and young adults who have family members struggling with addiction. 

The group encourages members to express their feelings, offer support to each other, and learn more about the effects of alcoholism on their families.

For adult children of alcoholics, there is the Adult Children of Alcoholics program. 

This program helps those who grew up in an alcoholic family environment understand the effects on their own lives and relationships. 

It also supports healing from past traumas and developing healthier coping strategies.

SMART Recovery is another resource available to families of alcoholics. 

This program teaches family members how to support their loved ones through recovery and manage their emotional responses. 

It also provides education about the disease, resources for relapse prevention, and online support groups. 

By utilizing these resources, families can learn more about addiction, break down barriers between family members, and gain the skills needed to live healthier lives.

NACoA provides resources to families and professionals working with families of alcoholics. 

This organization offers education, advocacy, and support services to help individuals cope with their loved one’s addiction. 

They also provide a wealth of information on their website about the effects of alcoholism on children, programs available for families, and resources to support recovery.

Family therapy is also vital for families dealing with an alcoholic. 

A therapist can help family members communicate more effectively and work together to find solutions. 

Additionally, therapy can help individuals learn healthy coping skills for their well-being.

Schools can also provide resources to families of alcoholics.

If a student’s parent has an addiction, the school may offer counseling services or refer them to organizations that assist. 

Additionally, some schools may have programs designed to help children cope with their parent’s alcoholism.

How Does Group Therapy for Families of Alcoholics Benefit Recovery?

Group therapy is one of the best resources available to families affected by alcohol addiction. 

Through group counseling, family members learn to cope with their feelings in a healthy way. 

Discussions in family groups help people understand and accept one another while providing a safe place to express their thoughts and feelings. 

Additionally, group therapy helps families learn communication skills, develop problem-solving strategies, and build stronger bonds with one another. 

This can give them the strength they need to face the challenges of living with an alcoholic family member.

Group counseling allows family members to share their experiences, stories, and advice. 

This can be a powerful way for individuals to find understanding and support from those who have been through similar situations. 

Ultimately, group therapy allows families of alcoholics to work together to overcome the difficulties of their situation and create healthier relationships within their homes.

Atlantic Recovery Center is an Alcoholic Family Resource in Florida

A family affected by the disease of alcoholism can find the support they need with programs available at Atlantic Recovery Center. 

We offer various services designed to provide education, counseling, and resources that help family members heal from their loved one’s addiction. 

Atlantic Recovery Center also provides resources for family members of alcoholics who are struggling with addiction. 

We offer a range of treatment programs, such as South Florida residential care and alumni programs, that help individuals learn to manage the disease and regain control of their lives.

If you or a loved one are impacted by alcoholism, Atlantic Recovery Center is here to help. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can provide the support your family needs!

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