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Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Substance Abuse and Mental Health at ReignRTC

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health at ReignRTC

Here at ReignRTC, we understand well the complex relationship between substance abuse and any mental illness or mental health disorder. We know that treating both aspects is crucial for proper recovery and long-term wellness. This extensive guide explores the intertwined nature of substance abuse and mental health disorders, the challenges they present, and how our specialized programs are designed to treat both conditions effectively and compassionately.

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Understanding the Link Between Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Substance and alcohol abuse and mental health disorders often occur together, a phenomenon known as a diagnosis of co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis. Many turn to alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with mental health issues like emotional distress, such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. On the other hand, substance abuse may increase or trigger mental health disorders through the alteration of brain chemistry and exacerbation of stress responses.

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Critical Insights into the Co-Occurrence of These Conditions:


Many people use substances to self-medicate and try to treat symptoms of a mental health disorder without knowing that drugs come with serious risk factors and can increase dependency and even worsen their emotional and psychological state.

Biological Factors

Genetic predispositions and environmental factors can increase susceptibility to both mental and substance use and abuse and mental health disorders, and thus, addressing these issues holistically is essential.

Environmental Influences

Stressful or traumatic environments can drive addiction to substance use and abuse and trigger mental health disorders, requiring comprehensive therapeutic strategies to address these root causes.

Stories of Hope

"From my first phone call to the admissions team to meeting the staff- it truly helped with this process. I trusted them with my loved one and I’m so glad we choose this facility! Morgan really went above and beyond for my family!"
Cassandra C.

Stories of Hope

"changed my life. I want to thank the wonderful staff for being amazing during this difficult journey. I highly recommend this facility for anyone struggling with addiction or has a loved one struggling with addiction. You don’t have to fight this alone."
Robert G.

Stories of Hope

"ARC helped me to recover from drugs. I learned how to live a better life.Thank you for being my new family."
Trisha B.

Challenges in Treatment

Treating co-occurring disorders presents unique challenges because each disorder can interact with the other, complicating the treatment process. Effective treatment of a co-occur of mental disorder must:

Address Both Disorders Simultaneously

Neglecting one condition of drug use can hinder the recovery of the other, making integrated drug treatment plans for mental health conditions crucial.

Involve Multidisciplinary Approaches

Combining pharmacological treatment, behavioral therapy, and support systems ensures comprehensive care.

Be Highly Personalized

Understanding the individual’s specific circumstances, history, common risk factors, and needs is critical to the diagnosis and crafting of an effective treatment plan.

ReignRTC's Approach to Substance Abuse and Mental Health

At ReignRTC, we incorporate various therapeutic modalities and support services to treat substance abuse disorders and mental health issues at the same time. Here's how our programs and services are organized:

Integrated Treatment Plans

Our experts develop integrated treatment plans that treat both mental health disorders and drug and substance abuse treatment, and substance and drug abuse other issues, recognizing that these conditions are often interlinked.

Evidence-Based Therapies

We use evidence-based therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and motivational interviewing to treat the underlying causes of mental disorders, namely substance use and abuse, anxiety disorders, and mental health disorders.

Supportive Environment

Our facilities offer a supportive and understanding environment where one can focus on recovery without being judged. Group therapy and peer support groups are integrated into our treatment centers, providing mutual support and shared experiences.

Continuous Care and Relapse Prevention

We emphasize continued support and relapse prevention strategies, preparing one for life after treatment with coping mechanisms, continued therapy options, emotional and mental disorders, social support, and community-based support.

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Recognizing the need for help with your substance use disorder, abuse, and mental health issues is the first step toward recovery. ReignRTC is here to guide you or your loved one through each step of this journey with compassion, social support, and expertise.

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